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Quick Start Guide for Online Purchases

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No Confirmation email - check your personal spam filter. Email might have also been caught in a corporate spam filter - contact support below.

Enrolment key - each organization provides login instructions and an enrolment key to their members.

Enrolment key won't work - Are you in the right version of The Path? Enter key exactly as you see it. If using copy/paste, in the copy action an extra blank space at the end may have been copied. Count the characters - if one too many, back space once, then press Enter.

Course pages too big or small - adjust zoom in your browser - Ctrl + or -

Videos staggers - your local wireless may be over-subscribed. Try later, or plugin with an Ethernet cable.

Progress - there are three ways to monitor progress: 

  1. Completion status below each module lesson will show TODO in orange, or DONE in green,
  2. Grades - little orange arrow, now right next to your name, when in course. If the quiz after each video has been completed, a grade will appear. If one of the quizzes was not completed, there will be no grade for the module.
  3. On returning to a lesson, you are given the choice to continue or restart. 
  4. Always choose the buttons at the bottom of each page. The side menu is best used for revisiting content.

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